Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Baaack!

I've been trying to figure out how to return to the blogging world for awhile now... And I finally decided to just jump back in.

Before I talk about my two newest projects I'll fast forward through the past three months.  After returning from the Apples scrapbooking retreat in May 

I went up to San Francisco for a friend's bachelorette party

And then to Monterey the next weekend for her wedding

With finishing up my MA and visiting the Pops in the week between.

And after returning home I sat around planning a blog post when a got a call from a friend offering me a job for a month in San Diego...that ended up turning into two months... 

During my time working in San Diego I was able to squeeze in a few projects in the weekends, including a chenille blanket for a friend's baby boy,

A doll for a friend's daughter, pattern from the "Wee Wonderfuls" book,

And a baby quilt for a friend's first baby.  This one I made without a pattern and with the help of my friend Sarah.  We made the quilt and watched the entirety of season 3 of True Blood all at the same time.

I also received a surprise in the mail one weekend! My mug rug my partner sent me in the SewHappyGeek's Mug Rug 2.0 swap.  I was thrilled by it! It even had a gnome walking a dachshund in it, just perfect!

After I got home from that the hubby and I moved!  Not far, but to a new city, a far enough away to require lot of time to pack and unpack. But the good new is that now I have a sewing room!  We laughed because my sewing room and the hubby's office were the first rooms to be unpacked, and once they were unpacked neither of us wanted to move on to unpack anything else.
[new house pic]

And after moving the hubs and I celebrated our three year anniversary! And he gave me a great present too, a macro lens for the camera so I can take great pictures of what I make.  We tested it out by taking it with us on a romantic tour of the Fullerton arboretum and took tons of photos.

But then I got back to sewing and completed my mug rug for SewHappyGeek's mug rug swap 2.0 and sent it off to my partner Jeannie in Florida.  She wanted "bright colors, crazy quilting, & embroidery"

And after sending it off I was off again myself to WA and OR for Kristen's wedding

and for an extended anniversary trip with the hubs, which included Portland and a trip to mecca... Fabric Depot!

And once home again I made a beautiful doll for my friend Sara's mom which was meant to be a gift for a sweet little girl named Bailey.  I think she turned out great.

Followed by getting a sister for our doggie.  Welcome to the family Dee Dee!

Followed by making a snuggly dinosaur toy for James' first birthday, which was very difficult for me to do since all I wanted to do was cuddle with the doggies. 
And that brings us to today.  And there we go, three months all wrapped up into one blog post.


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