Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Name and a New Look

If you'll look around the page you'll see I've made a few changes.  The look has been overhauled and it's gotten a new name.  

When I first started the blog I had trouble deciding on a name, and finally settled on "The Things I Love" because I was blogging about the things I love on the blog.  For a while now I haven't really been happy with the name though, because it doesn't say at all who I am.  I've been going as "Sewing By Stephanie" in the blog world and my sewing business has the same name as does my flickr account, but other than it being in the blog address the name "Sewing By Stephanie" was nowhere in the title, so I decided to ditch "The Things I Love" and dive in as "Sewing By Stephanie".

If I was going to have a new name I needed a new header, and working with the yellow design I had up I was realizing that I wasn't really liking it.  For one thing, I'm not a huge fan of yellow, and for another the design had nothing to do with sewing.  I tried out the grey and white polka dot design that's up now amazingly enough because it was called "Stephanie", and once it was up I decided to keep it because I liked it so much.

Looking thorough files on my computer I found the frame and leaf images I used in the header, along with the stitching font I purchased last year for my "Sewing By Stephanie" business cards I made.  Looking at the stitches on the leaves I knew I was going to use it, so I decided to make a flower, and what better way to cement the sewing theme than to use a button as the flower center.

I got the image of the button from the internet and used the eraser tool to delete all of the image from around the button so that all I was left with was the round button. 

After putting it all together I put it up on the page and LOVED it.  To go along with the header I also made two small buttons.  I thought in the future that maybe I'll put them to good use somehow.  Maybe in the scrapbooking software giveaway I'll be doing soon.  I'll post scrapbooked pages soon, but for now here are the buttons I made!  Which one do you like more?


  1. love your button! how do i make one?

  2. ok, jumped the gun. i should really read the words before posting comments, lol. i like the top one better because you can see the text better. but the polka dots are cute too :D


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