Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm perfectly aware that today is November 3rd and not October 31st, but since Halloween is up there with Christmas for me I've decided to extend the spirit a bit, and even though it might look weird I'm going to keep my decorations up for another week or two at least.  The reason behind this is that I was late in decorating for Halloween because I was throwing a bridal shower at my house mid-October and so I didn't want to put my decoration up as early as I normally do because I didn't want to have to take them down for the shower.  And then after the shower I was so busy with Oktoberfest that I didn't get around to decorating until October 30th, and that was only because we were throwing a Halloween party at the house that night and I had to.

Luckily for me though I woke up on the 30th with a huge urge to decorate, and so after quick stops at the 99cent store and Goodwill store I was able to decorate my house like this:
Spider web: from Goodwill: $9, Spider: from the 99cent store 
 Zombie head door knocker: from the 99cent store

Spider web: left over from last Halloween, Cinnamon broom: left over from Oktoberfest
Skull: from the 99cent store, Bottles: from Goodwill, $4 and $2
Bats: cut out by me from black paper
Trick or Treat sign: left over from last Halloween
Spooky House picture: I cut the house image out using my Cricut machine and glued it to Halloween paper, then put it in front of the normal picture that hangs in my dining room
 Frankenstein head: left over from last Halloween. Spider web: from Goodwill, $2
Rubber cockroaches: from the 99cent store. Gauze table runner: 2 yards mummy gauze from Joanns, $3 a yard
 Bats over bar: cut out by me
Haunted house cookie jar, mummy salt and pepper shakers: left over from last Halloween. Skeleton and witch candles: Cost Plus World Market, left over from last Halloween.
Dracula Halloween count down sign: left over from last Halloween
Spooky wedding photo (that shakes and goes "WooOooOoh" when you walk by it): From Goodwill, $6

So once again.... Happy Halloween!!!


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