Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October finishes!

Happy November 1st!

Oh my gosh, where has the time gone?

Since I only have three posts in the month of October it might look like I've been slacking but let me assure you that that is just NOT THE CASE.  My October has been so full of making stuff that I haven't even had time to sit and upload the photos to my computer much less edit them (which I do to every photo I post) and then post about them.

So in the interest of catching up I thought I'd do one post that just kind of wrapped up the entire month.

On the first of the month I finished up this friendship quilt

Then I make my ironing mat and posted about it

And then I made two dog beds with my dogs' names embroidered on them, but never posted pictures

Then I finished up a WIP and put the backing on the tablerunner I made my Aunt for Christmas last year and quilted it and bound it.  Now it's all done.

And then I bottled the Holiday Spiced Hard Apple Cider that I made

Then I made these dirndls for Oktoberfest


and Alison's (on the left)
From this pattern

While at the same time planning and decorating for a bridal shower I threw my friend Rebeckah

And then the next weekend was Oktoberfest, and the bunting I made was hung

And all the signs I made were up

And the centerpieces I made were on the tables
And the doll I made was up for auction.... but I somehow didn't get a picture of her =^(

And after all that craziness I completed the mug rug I made for the Mug Rug Swap Adventure 3 hosted by Leona's Quilting Adventure
And made a matching tea bag wallet for it and mailed it off to Canada
All this plus I've been working on a few things for my sister's birthday that are still hush hush, but I did finish and mail this Dia De Los Muertos apron that I embellished heavily with embroidery off to her as an early birthday present

and then just in the nick of time I decorated my house for the Halloween party we had for the young married couples at our church

and finished up mine and the Hubby's Halloween costumes.... pretty awesome, huh?

And now on to November!


  1. You are so amazing, Stephanie. I can't believe how much you accomplished just in October!!!!!! The 'fest was beautiful, thanks to your decorating ideas, bunting, centerpieces, and of course - dirndls! (oh, and I love your flying bats on the wall for Halloween!)

  2. Hi Stephanie! Wow, you've been busy. I love how that mug rug turned out, and what a great extra to make a tea bag wallet, great idea!

  3. Gee Stephanie,you have been so busy,love how you have decorated your home for halloween


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