Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Sewing Room + Birthday Fabric

Today I thought we'd take a look into my sewing room!

I'm super lucky to have my own space in our home for sewing.  When my husband and I moved a little over a year ago we knew that we would need 3 bedrooms: one for us, one for an office for him (he's in the process of writing his PhD dissertation so he's in there a lot) and one for a sewing room for me.  Last week was my 27th birthday and as a gift he made me a new sewing table, so I thought I'd show it off, and while I was at it, why not show off the while room?

My Sewing Room: Sewing Table and Ironing Dresser
New Sewing Table and Ironing Dresser

My Sewing Room: The Tables
Sewing Tables

The table on the right is the new table and it measures 8'x3', the table on the left was a graduation gift from my husband and it measures 7'x2'.  He hasn't had time to do it yet but the plan is for him to drop down my sewing machine into the table so it's flush with the tabletop.  That way it will be SO much easier to quilt on.

My Sewing Room: Dressform and Scraps
Tower with scraps, Supplies Shelf, and Dressform

My Sewing Room: Desk and Dressform
Desk and Dressform

My Sewing Room: Fabric Bookcase
Fabric bookshelf!

My Sewing Room: Peek into the Closet
A Peek into the Closet

I also got some yummy fabric!

New Fabric from Purl Soho Distribution Warehouse
Yummy Fabric from Purl Soho

30's Repro Fabric from Barbara
30's Reproduction fabric from Aunt Barbara

Fabric from Rebeckah
Fabric from Beckah

Cowl from Rebeckah
Knit Cowl from Beckah

The stash stack fabric wasn't for my birthday, but I thought I'd show it off anyways since it's so pretty.

September Stash Stack Club
September Stash Stack Fabric

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EDIT: Just in case you were wondering, the ballerina painting above my sewing tables was painted for me by my sister Jen when I graduated college, and the dog portrait over my dressform is a portrait of my dog Davey painted by my mom as a birthday present last year.


  1. Lovely place! happy birthday and enjoy your sewing!

  2. this is amazing! I am sure it is fun to sit down and sew. Did I see a Dirndl there?

    Oh: Happy Birthday :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! Happy Belated birthday- love your space!
    I love birthdays, mine is next week and I'm having a giveaway over on my blog.

  4. Happy birthday Stephanie! What a great set up with two tables now! I see you made it down to purl soho, isn't it awesome?

  5. Ahh-mazing! My "sewing room" is literally a coat closet.

  6. Beautiful room Stephanie!! I love the tables that you have - so much space! I am sewing on a sewing table from JoAnn's, which is fine, but I wish I had more space!


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