Monday, November 5, 2012

October Bee Blocks

I've been pretty absent from the sewing scene recently.  I don't know how October ended up being so busy for me, but I found that I just had no time to sit down and sew almost all month.

As a result, I was a little late getting by bee blocks done, but here they are.

My October Stash Bee blocks:

October Stash Bee Blocks

My October do. Good Stitches blocks:

October do. Good Stitches

October do. Good Stitches

October do. Good Stitches

After uploading my do. Good Stitches blocks to the group I realized that I made a mistake in my construction of the blocks, so now I'm waiting to hear if the bee mama Jenn wants the blocks as is or if I need to pull them apart and re-assemble them correctly.  I guess it's just a lesson for me in the importance of actually looking at the tutorial while making the blocks. 

On a side note these do. Good Stitches blocks will be flying off to Hawaii with some friends.  The October do. Good Stitches mama for my circle is Jenn of Knotted-Thread and she's doing a few charity quilts for Sandy victims and I signed up to make a few blocks for one of her quilts. She's planning on hand delivering the quilts in December when she goes to visit family and friends in New Jersey.  If you're interested in donating a few charity blocks the sign ups are still open.

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  1. Hey Stephanie! Love the do.Good Stitches blocks! The colours and saturations are perfect! Where do we find said tutorial so we can try these out at home?!

    1. Hi Molli- I updated the post so it now has a link to the tutorial

  2. I love the do.Good Stitches block! Great job.

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