Friday, January 18, 2013

January Bee Blocks

I've been busy all day trying to catch up on bloggy stuff.  Mostly Stash Bee stuff (have I mentioned that I'm the Hive Mama for Hive #2 in Stash Bee?).  Well, I'm finally all caught up and I thought I'd share the January blocks I finished for the bees I'm in.

For Rebeckah in Stash Bee:

January Stash Bee Blocks

For Megan in the BELIEVE circle of do. Good Stitches:

January do. Good Stitches Block

January do. Good Stitches Block

My blocks for Megan are all packed up and ready to be posted, I just have to find time to go to the post office!

In other news I'm going to a birthday party for my aunt tomorrow and have yet to make a present.  Let's see what I can get done last minute!  Woohoo procrastination!!!!

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  1. Just wanted to say hi.I was looking through some images and found your blog button. Did you go to the 2012 So Cal Social? I didn't, maybe if they have one next year. I wanted to thank you for staying with me in 2011 since I was feeling so off. It's amazing that it's over a year ago.


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