Thursday, January 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday... er... Thursday

I had INTENDED to write this post yesterday morning but instead got caught up in a frenzy of cleaning house/ doing laundry/ baking bread/ making dinner that lasted until 8pm.  I am very happy to say though that while my Wednesday might have ended up sans-sewing and sans-blogging, I did get a LOT done, and it leaves me all day today to work on sewing projects.

Okay, onto the WIP Wednesday post!

I managed to get two of the WIPs on my list finished, as well as get 4 blocks completed for the December queen of Stash Bee.

Finishes from WIP list:

1. Repair Deacon Rick's Vestments (I currently need to cut new panels and then sew them in)  Done! (Completed 1/8/2013)

No pictures of this one.  I made a mistake cutting the lining of the vestment and then panicked.  By the time I figured out how to fix it and then actually got it fixed it was late at night and I just wanted to be done with it, so I wasn't really in the mood to try and set up a photo shoot.  It ended up being a good thing that I made the mistake I did, because the way I ended up fixing it looked much nicer than it would have looked if the way I was going to do it had worked the first time.

2. Finish sewing Steve's bookshelves (need to surge the edges and then make the fold-over pockets for the rods to go through) Done! (Completed 1/9/2013)

Here the bookshelves are installed in Steve and Jennifer's nursery

The seam where I had to sew two panels together
Stash Bee December blocks for Jackie (completed 1/15/2013):

Stash Bee December Blocks

Stash Bee December Blocks

Stash Bee December Blocks

Stash Bee December Blocks

I'm hoping to get my do. Good Stitches blocks done in the next few days, and maybe also a little free motion quilting using the Supreme Slider I bought back in September and still haven't had a chance to try out (why is it that September through December are always my busiest time of the year?)


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