Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday 12-4-2013

Wow... can anybody sad "bad lighting"?  Oh well, I don't have time to take a better shot. This is as good as it gets for now.

As you can see I've made a little bit of progress on the quilt I'm making my niece since the last time I showed it.  All of the face pieces are on but I haven't done any actual SEWING of anything yet.  I definitely missed my goal of having this done by Thanksgiving.  Instead of stressing in the sewing room I just admitted to myself that it wouldn't be done in time and allowed myself to enjoy the holiday.  Holidays and family are stressful enough without trying to add in a crazy sewing deadline.

And as proof that I enjoyed my holiday, here's an impromptu photo we snapped of our little family while we were waiting for our photo with Santa.  <3 them!


  1. Your quilt is so fun! I really do need to make mine up too!!!

  2. gorgeous! what a lovely family and the quilt will be done some day

  3. I love the blocks you have made so far. They have a sense of fun and whimsy to them.

  4. I love the cute lil animal blocks! this will be so adorable when finished. great family pic!


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