Thursday, May 17, 2012

Floating Stars Quilt for Olive

I made this awesome star quilt about a month ago for my godson Joe's first baby girl, Olive.

When I found out he was having a girl I knew that my Timeless Treasures Going Places Pink Vespas fabric would be the perfect as a focus fabric.  At the time I really wanted to try out some floating stars, so I made a sketch and then turned it in to a plan.

Since I decided on having five floating stars I added two additional star fabrics: an orange heidi grace fabric with yellow bursts on it that I picked up at Joanns and a light pink with white polka dots that I also got at Joanns.  For the background I went with my go-to background fabric, Kona white.

DSC_0114e DSC_0116e

It took me some time to get around to adding the white all around each star to make them "float", but once it was all together it was well worth it.

The fun part (and the long part) was the quilting.  I echo quilted around each star 1/2 inch apart from each other.  Quilting time probably took around 6 hours.  The back wasn't perfect, but for me it never is.

IMG_0196e IMG_0198e IMG_0202e

I gave Joe Olive's quilt at Pascha, the Eastern Orthodox Easter celebration.  It's traditional for families to share Easter baskets, and at our church you'll see baskets for kids full of bunnies and chocolate right there next to baskets for their parents full of wine and cheese.  We made Joe's family a basket this year that had beer for Joe, the quilt for Olive, reversible capes I made for Olive's two older brothers, some easter candy, and a children's book about Orthodox monks.


Olive's older brother Paul loved his cape and promptly put it on and ran around.  His other son Henry didn't come to the celebration since it's from 11PM to 5AM, and he's a little young to be out that late.  Joe loved the quilt, and I'm sure Olive loves it too.  So all in all the evening (and the quilt) was a huge success!

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