Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I thought I'd go ahead and join in this week with a WIP Wednesday.

Yesterday I read this post from Rachel at Stitched In Color and was inspired to make my own stacked coins quilt.

I've had some Tula Pink Prince Charming that I bought at the beginning of last summer sitting around.  I bought it with the idea of making myself an easy quilt and when I saw the stacked coin quilt pattern I knew that I had found a winner.

So I cut and cut and cut.  And then sewed and sewed and sewed.

And this morning I had this:

Stacked coins quilt top

The thing that was difficult about making this quilt top was that I couldn't find anywhere online that told me how much fabric I would need.  I guess that's just because it depends on how many prints you're using and what size you want your quilt to be.

I used 0.5 yard each of 7 different prints, and my quilt top came to 65"x 65".  I cut my "coins" 8.5" wide with varying heights.  I used almost all of my coins.  I made a strip with a bunch of them to go on the backing when I get around to making the backing.  I don't know when I'll finish it.  I hope to use a sheet on the back so I guess it will get finished some time after I find a sheet to use.

folded stacked coins quilt top

And this one isn't a WIP but it's something small I finished up this week that I haven't blogged about.  This past weekend my husband came to me with a sewing request and of course I couldn't say no.  He asked for a pouch to go in his book bag to hold all of his computer accessories.

My husband is an academic and presents at a lot of conferences, so his computer accessories consist of all different connector cords and remotes that he needs.  I let him pick out his fabric and of course he went for Melody Miller Viewfinder in Aqua (that boy has taste). 

This is what I came up with:

computer accessories pouch

computer accessories pouch

Computer accessories pouch

He's happy with how it came out and so of course I'm thrilled.

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. I love your coins quilt! The colors and prints are great. :)

  2. I cannot believe you justz got that quilt top made just like that. Bing bang boom done! Awesome!

  3. Love your coins quilt and the pouch - the viewfinders are very cute!


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