Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seeing Stars+ Pinterest Challenge

With all the fun going on between Bloggers Quilt Festival and Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day it's hard to concentrate on getting sewing projects done, but I did sit down at the machine a little this week to get a few things done.

First off is a zip bag I made myself using Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Zip Bags pattern in view C.

Star Zip Bag

I've had this bag pinned for a while on my "bags to make" board on pinterest and after going through all the giveaway posts and seeing everyone's awesome pouches they were giving away I figured it was time to go ahead and make myself one.

I pulled some natural linen from my stash and a pile of Cape Ann charm squares I have left over from making Anna's quilt and started planning.

The pattern allows for a variation in the bag where you include a 6" square patchwork panel on the bag front-- I wanted to switch it up and include a sawtooth star instead.  Somewhere in my quick calculations I made an error and my star was bigger than I had intended it to be.  I have no idea why I thought that 2" points plus a 4" center would make a 6" star.  It would if the star only had points on one side, but stars have points on BOTH sides, so after I sewed it together I realized that my star was 8" square and not 6" square as the pattern had allowed for.  I added a simple patchwork strip to the back and made the same mistake.  It's also 8 inches wide, but I made it work.

Oh well, you live and you learn.  I also had to make do with a 7" zip instead of the 9" one it called for.  Since this was a "spur of the moment" kind of a thing I wasn't willing to go out to the store to find a new zip.

When I made the bag I omitted a step that I later regretted and then even later went back and fixed.  The pattern says to use a layer of duck canvas between the front and the lining and I suggest you do.  Otherwise your bag looks all frumpy and gross like this:
I went back the next day and took the bag apart and added in the canvas.  It was a really easy step that had great results.  I really shouldn't have omitted it.

Star Zip bag

Star Zip Bag back

After fixing the frumpy problem I'm super happy with how it turned out.  I'm planning on using this bag to carry sewing tools with me when I go to friends' houses to sew.

edit: I'm using this project as my entry for the Pinterest Challenge going on over at Michelle Patterns.  The Challenge is great motivation to go and finally make a project that you've had pinned for awhile.  I might just go and try some tutorials I have pinned as well!

The second thing I got done this week was my May block for Stash Bee.  I'm in hive #2 and this month we made wonky stars.  Once I had the colors and fabrics picked out it was super quick to sew.

May block for Stash Bee Hive #2

I'm sending it and the signature block I made off to its new owner today.  I also included some DS scraps since the block will be late in getting to her since it has to travel all the way to the UK to get to her.

In addition to these two stars I'm also working on some dolls.  One is a custom doll that's for an order in the shop.  The other is just a doll I'm making for fun.  When she's done shell be listed in the shop as a "ready made" doll.

That's it for now!  Good luck for everyone entering the giveaways and for those with submissions in the BQF.  I can't wait to choose the winners for my giveaways on Friday night!



  1. Love the pouch! I think it is similar to the one my partner made for me in the swap.

  2. Gorgeous. Your points are all perfectly perfect and everything is so crisp and yummy!! Was that a pattern your purchased?

  3. I saw your post @ the Pinterest challenge so I came for a peek - your bag is - seriously - ADORABLE - I think I need to pin YOURS on my own board, lol! I'm glad Michelle and Bryanne posted the challenge - like so many others, I too needed a kick in the butt to try some of the things I had pinned, lol.

  4. Oh! I love your cute bag! You did a fabulous job. I like the aqua zipper. :)


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