Friday, June 22, 2012

Stacked Coins Quilt Finish

Happy Friday everyone!

Do you guys all remember when I showed you this quilt top I made?

Stacked coins quilt top

Well now it's a finished queen size bed quilt and it's all for ME!
Folded Stacked Coins Quilt

After making it I discovered that it was larger than I had planned and that instead of it being a lap quilt size it was almost a queen quilt size.  I've had plans to make a quilt to go on my bed this summer to replace my heavy comforter during the warm months and so I decided that by tweaking this quilt a little I could have a new bed quilt.

I ended up adding some sashing around the outside of the stacked coins.  A sash of dark blue about 4 inches wide and then a wider sash of white, and then bind it in the dark blue.  Since I wanted it light I used a cotton batting, and since it's a bed quilt for MY bed I didn't want to do anything too fancy for a backing.  I ended up deciding to use a sheet, and since my husband and I rarely make the bed using a flat sheet I decided to just go ahead and buy a new sheet set that I could use the flat sheet as backing and use the fitted sheet and pillowcases on the bed.  I got my sheet set at Target.  It was the perfect color and is organic cotton so it's super soft.

I quilted it pretty sparsely.  I just did stitching-in-the-ditch around the sashing and up each row of stacked coins.  Because it's sparsely quilted the rows kind of poof up but when it's laying flat on a bed it's not noticable at all.  If I had a machine with a larger harp space I probably would have quilted it more densly, but it's hard to quilt a quilt that's 92" square on a machine with 4" of harp space.
Stacked Coins Quilt 
Trying to get a good photo of it was a pretty awful task.  The quilt it so big that I was struggling to get it on the fence without dragging it through the wet grass.  I also took photos of it on the bed, but the lighting in my bedroom is so terrible that I had to spend a ton of time editing them in photoshop to get them to look remotely good.

Detail of Stacked Coins Quilt
Stacked Coins Quilt
Stacked Coins Quilt

I also tried to take a picture of the quilt folded on the ground, and that didn't work out so well..... This is what ended up happening:
Dogs on Stacked Coins Quilt

These three photos were taken in quick succession.  As soon as I booted dog#1 off the quilt dog #2 moved onto it, and then dog#1 came back and they sat on it together.  Oh well, at least they're cute. 


  1. What a great quilt! Nicely done.

  2. OMG the little dogs are adorable!! I have four ..... lovely quilt.


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