Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stash Bee + Mario Update!

Before all the stuff happened with my doggie (who's recovering very nicely BTW) I managed to get some sewing done for the Super Mario Brothers QAL.  I was three blocks behind so I got my booty in gear and got to making them.

Without further ado:
Super Mario Brothers QAL: Question Mark Block
Question Mark Box Block
Super Mario Brothers QAL: Goomba
Goomba Block
Super Mario Brothers QAL: Cloud
Cloud Block
Super Mario Brothers QAL Blocks
Finished Blocks!
One of the other participants of the QAL had a pictiure of a piranha plant block she had made and I just loved it.  Angela (the QAL organizer) has a pipe block planned and I decided to be a little creative and make myself a piranha plant block in place of the scheduled pipe block.  I was doing this block quickly and late at night so there are quite a few little mistakes. So many that I'm going to have to re-do a few seams, but looking past the mistakes I love the way it turned out.

Super Mario Brothers QAL: Piranha Plant
Piranha Plant Block
I also have my August blocks from Stash Bee to show off.  This month our Queen Bee Rachel wanted 4- 6 1/2"  blocks that she could play around with and arrange in way she thought best.  Our only restriction was that she wanted the diagonal piece in each block to be the same fabric.

August Stash Bee Blocks: Layout 1
Layout Option #1
These are two of the possible layouts she could choose for her blocks.

August Stash Bee Blocks: Layout 2
Layout Option #2
I had a difficult go deciding which fabrics to use, but once Rachel told me to use fabrics that showed off who I was I decided to use purple solids and a text print.  I love the way these particular solids compliment each other, and purple is my all time FAVORITE color.

The fabrics I used are Kona Raisin, Thistle, Plum, & Lupine, as well as a text print from Timeless Treasures.

AND if you want to see a picture of what a dachshund with a zipper down his back (or really 59 staples) here you go:



  1. I really like your piranha plant. Do you mind if I save the picture for reference if I decide to do one of those instead of the pipe?


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