Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: 9/12/12

I don't normally post about my WIPs, but I thought I'd make an exception for the project I have going on right now.

I've had this tree skirt and tablerunners on my "to do" list for the last year and a half so I'm excited to show them off.  The pattern for the tree skirt is from the 2010 Holiday Edition of Fat Quarterly, and it relies on A LOT of applique.  The tablerunners match the tree skirt, with the starry background thinning out around the middle of the runners.

Right now I've appliqued all of the houses down using the blanket stitch on my machine.  Coincidentally this is the first time I've used my blanket stitch for applique and I'm loving the results.  I haven't decided yet whether to applique the stars or not.  I'm planning to quilt an "allover" pattern over the area with the stars, so I'm thinking that I might not need to applique them down because they'll be secured when I do the quilting.

SO here's a question: should I do a white backing or a printed one?  I have enough of this fabric to do the back, but I'm kind of afraid that you might see the pattern through the white.  Should I just do white?  Or mix it up a bit and use the print?  And what about binding?  Something red? Something red and white?

Also, I thought it might be inspiration for me to get stuff done if I made my horrendously long WIP and "to-do" list public.  So here it is:



  1. Oh my gosh those little house are so adorable. I feel your concern about the backing issue. I think it matters what batting you go with. Some of my white or off white quilts the backing is starting to show though with more washes. Mainly the one that I used the fusible hobbs batting, where the blue and orange backing is giving an odd tint to the off white solid. As it was a commissioned quilt and I used what the LQS gave me, which wasn't bella or kona. I think that the binding would look great in red and white. Just red might be too much. I also really like the stripy print that is one of the roof tops but I do like stripes :)

  2. You are further along than I am with mine! I have everything ironed on and I still need to appliqué. Yours is looking great! I don't think you would have an issue with seeing the pattern through the batting. I always use Warm and White and it's pretty dense and opaque. I think a red and white candy cane stripe binding would look great!

    1. Thanks ladies for your responses. Turns out that the print I wanted to use for backing wasn't wide enough so I just went with white because it was on hand. But I'm definitely going to go with red and white for the binding, thanks!


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