Saturday, September 28, 2013

I've Been Selfish

I've Been Selfish... #Selfish Sewing that is!

While I didn't get as much made during Selfish Sewing week as I wanted to, I'm very happy with what I did manage to accomplish.

First off was the open wide pouch I made on Monday:

Wide Open Pouch for #Selfish Sewing Week

Then there was this teapot cozy I made on Wednesday and then improved on Thursday:

The first version (above): The "spout" was a little too high, the top was a little too angled, and there was a centimeter gap at the bottom.  Plus I thought I'd like it in linen and I ended up thinking it was too boring.  The improved version (below) fixed all of these problems.

Teapot Cozy

Teapot Cozy (Sans Teapot)

And finally there was the Miz Mozelle dress I started Thursday night and worked on on Friday (but still haven't quite finished yet):

Miz Mozelle in progress

Miz Mozelle in progress

Miz Mozelle in progress

My thoughts?

The open wide pouch was a lot of fun to make and I really like how easy it is to see everything inside of it.  I ordered a 50 pack of zippers from Zipit on Etsy so you can be sure that there will be MANY more of these in the future.

The teapot cozy was fun to make and I love that it looks like a teapot.  My first draft of the pattern was just a large half circle that covered the whole thing and it was just SO BORING.  This cute tailored cozy is much better, though to be honest it's probably much more difficult to get on the pot than the half circle would have been.

The Miz Mozelle dress pattern is AMAZING.  I was a size 18 based on my bust measurement and it fits me so well and is really comfortable.  The keyhole is a bit large and shows quite a bit of cleavage on me, but the hubs said it's his favorite part (go figure) and it makes it so that I can nurse the Little so I'm okay with it.  I used a heavier stabilizer in the collar than I should have and that's what I'm attributing my collar problems to.  I think I'm going to take the whole collar off and make a new one.  The pattern was easy to follow but it did have a few techniques I had never done before, but the instructions and images were clear enough that I had no problems figuring it out.  The fabric I used was a rayon jersey and it was great to work with.  My serger is currently out of commission until I get a new needle so I used a ballpoint needle on my regular sewing machine with a stretch stitch and it worked great.  All in all I think I'm going to make a few more of these dresses if I can find cute enough fabric.  I'd love to find a cream stretch lace to make a black and white version of this dress. 

And my thoughts on Selfish Sewing week in particular?  Do it.  Be selfish.  Just do it.  It's was great to take a little it of time to make something for myself.  I was so excited to get in the sewing room every day knowing that what I was making was just for me, just because I wanted to make it, and that I had no deadline to meet.  I  highly recommend being a little selfish to everyone.

Also, be sure to check out the Selfish Sewing Flickr group.  There are so many great projects on there that I now have about 10 new patterns that I'm dying to try.

And what about you?  How have you been selfish recently (either sewing related or just treating yourself well)?

P.S. You'll have to forgive the way I look in the pictures.  I had just managed to get the Little down for a few minutes and wanted the hubs to get a few shots of the dress in progress, so I had no time to do hair or makeup or anything.  I'm laughing in the second photo because the baby had already woken up again.  Figures.

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