Monday, September 16, 2013

Little Mistakes...

Blarg.  I hate it when I think I'm done and then realize that I made a mistake and have to go back and fix it.

Well at least it was a little mistake, and I'm glad I caught it before I sent the quilt off. 

Have any of you made any "little mistakes" like this recently?

(Also, who else is a huge Liz Lemon fan?)


  1. Yes, just yesterday I made a purse and after it was completed realized the handle was twisted!! Yikes!!!

  2. I made a mistake very similar to yours. The quilt I was working on didn't have a recipient, and it was made entirely of scraps. So, I was very lazy, I zig zagged over the error, and announced that it was staying at our house forever!

  3. I honestly love seeing people's mistakes as much as i love seeing perfectly gorgeous finished items. It just makes me realize that we all do it and there's lots of comfort in that :)

  4. Oh, I've done that a few times and it's the worst! Hope you were able to fix it easily.


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