Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday 9-18-13

If you saw my post from Monday you would know that I was almost done with my Japanese + and x quilt when I realized that I had messed up on the binding at one point and would have to go back and fix it.  Well, I finally got around to doing that yesterday, so now I'm happy to say that I'm 100% done with the quilt.  Of course, today of all days it's overcast outside so I'll have to take photos of the quilt later this week.

In the meantime the overcast weather seems to have put me into a cleaning and organizing mood because I've decided to re-organize my fabric storage.  Of course I have no before photos (I'm never that organized), but I do have a few photos of how it all looks mid-organizing.

These shelves are the shelves that inspired me to re-organize.  This space in my sewing room used to have a dresser that held all of my "other" fabric (all the non quilters cotton), but when we did the nursery we moved the dresser into the nursery and my sewing room got this cabinet that we found on the side of the road in our neighborhood.

Before the reorganization started the bottom two shelves looked like the way the bottom shelf does now, and the second shelf had a few large folds of quilters cotton cotton in it, and the top shelf housed all of my fat quarter stacks and precuts.  I've pretty much left the top shelf alone, but I put all of my "special collection" quilters cotton from my other fabric shelves on the second shelf where they can be a little more on display and are less likely to get dusty since they're behind glass.  I also put all of my garment making fabric onto boards to make mini bolts and put all of those on the third shelf down.  They go: linens, flannel, cotton, voile, corduroy, jersey knit.  I still haven't decided what I'm going to do about the bottom shelf.

Once I moved my "special collection" fabrics off of these shelves I cleared up quite a bit of room so I was able to add some new fabric I've bought recently (I'll show photos later), as well as give my stash a bit more wiggle room.  Before they had been so tightly jammed in there that you couldn't pull anything out without pulling a bunch of boards out at the same time.  While I was in the precess of moving the mini bolts around I decided to make it prettier by putting them in rainbow order (they were already grouped by color, but the colors were on the shelves in a random order based on how they could fit), and now they look much better.

Now it's a lot easier for me to see what fabrics are where, and hopefully it will inspire me to make more projects using my stash.

My goal for the rest of the week is to finish organizing that bottom shelf and to get started again on my WIP list from the beginning of the year.  I definitely got sidetracked a bit from the list and only got a few of the things off of the top of the list done.  Since many of the items are Christmas-themed items I really want to get back to them and get them done before the holiday season starts.

I also have a quilt to make for my sister's first baby who's due in December.  She's having a monster themed nursery in lilac and green and I think the Giggle and Squeak pattern from SUCH Designs is going to look great in the colors she chose.

What's on your WIP list this week?


  1. It looks amazing now! I have never been so organized. The rainbow looks gorgeous!

  2. Lovely job on the sorting, such a satisfying task..

  3. I especially like how you wrote the name and company of the fabric on the board. That is a really great idea. Your shelves look gorgeous. I always love seeing fabrics arranged by color.

  4. I LOVE going through my fabric--it's so fun to see everything again. I like how you labeled all your fabric so you know the name and co.--such a brilliant idea I might have to borrow.

  5. Well done on all the organization! Lovely stash! I really love your sister's nursery theme and that will be an awesome baby quilt!

  6. Your stash looks great! I put my "rainbow" stash on boards in drawers last winter and love having stored that way. Easy to find what I'm looking for and easy to keep organized too!


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