Thursday, September 19, 2013

#TBT Throwback Thursdays

A few weeks ago I had what I thought was a brilliant and original idea for a linky party, only to discover that someone else had beat be to the punch! (disclaimer: I still think that it's a brilliant idea, and I'm super happy that someone else started it first, since that means less work for me since I don't have to organize anything)

So without any adieu... enter #Throwback Thursdays

eQuiltin Jenny

#Throwback Thursdays at Quiltin' Jenny is an opportunity to blog about and share all of those projects from your past that never got their day in the spotlight, and believe me I have TONS of those.  The number of projects I've made and never blogged about probably outnumber the number of projects I have blogged about (and that's not even counting all the stuff I made for the baby since I still have plans to blog about all that).

And since today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (aarrrggg!) I thought for my first #TBT I'd show you the Halloween costumes I made the hubs and I five years ago.

For his costume I made the coat, shirt, and pants using Simplicity 4923, and for the sash and boot tops I made my own pattern.

For my costume I used a pattern for the corset (which I can't find anymore and can't locate online, but it was either Simplicity, Butterick, or McCalls), but for the bloomers (which you can see better in the second photo), skirt, arm bands, and undershirt (since I was uncomfortable with the amount the corset showed) I made up my own pattern. 

(You'll have to forgive my attempt at a saucy pirate wench pose, I never dreamed at the time that this photo would be seen by anyone but the hubs and I, much less that it would end up being blogged about)

The hubs has gotten some use out of his pirate coat over the years but I've never stepped out of the house in my pirate wench costume, it ended up being WAY to revealing.  If we ever decide to be pirates again I'll probably re-make my costume, and next time I'll make it with a coat so I don't freeze to death Trick or Treating.

Do you have any past projects still waiting for their day in the spotlight?  Link up with us over at Quiltin' Jenny for #TBT Throwback Thursday and share!


  1. Thanks for linking up and GMTA! We are also among those who celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    Love the costumes and I'm so impressed that you made all of this. Especially that coat! I do NOT do clothes so WTG!

    Looking forward to more #TBT posts from you.

  2. Great job on the costumes Stephanie! Yours is really sexy! :)))


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