Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Apron

So a couple of months ago I was at Joann's and I came across this beauty in the remnants bin.

It was so fun and colorful that I couldn't resist and purchased it right away....and then it sat with my other fabric while I tried to figure out the prefect use for it.  Whatever I did with it I decided I wanted to enhance the design by embellishing it with embroidery.

Well, yesterday I decided to stop putting it off and decided to make an apron out of it.  I personally have TONS of aprons that I've made over the years that never get used because, honestly, I just don't wear an apron when I cook.  So I decided that this apron would end up either: a. as a craft apron for myself, b. as a gift for my sister Jen, or maybe even c. as a gift for an unsuspecting friend...

The apron is fairly simple.  I made a 1/2 apron that ties around the waist and has 2 large pouch pockets on the front.  To make it a little more substantial I made it double thick with plain black cotton on the back side and in the pockets....

And about that embroidery I decided would be needed?  I started by embellishing the flowers on the hat of one of the skeletons and a simple filler stitch in white over the skeletons face. 
I'm in no way done with this project!  I plan on embellishing many more of the faces and maybe do a chain stitch around the edges of the pockets, and maybe add a phrase in colorful stitches along the outer edge.  For now though I folded it up neatly and put the embroidery thread colors I chose for it in one of the large pockets with my booklet on embroidery stitches.  It looked so good folded up there that I couldn't resist taking one last picture of it.  Here it is!


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