Monday, March 28, 2011

This Weekend...

I've been taking a break from sewing and general craftiness to focus on completing my final portfolio for my MA degree.  It's due in 3 weeks so until then It'll be pretty uneventful here at the house when it comes to making stuff.

The one thing of note that happened over the weekend was that I went and saw a high school production of Les Miserables with my friend Mary that was pretty good.  The people seated next to us would not stop talking and using their phones as flashlights to read the program, but once I realized that they were doing it because none of them had any idea what was going on in the show it was okay.

Since the show I've had the songs rolling through my mind, specifically "I Dreamed a Dream", "Who am I?", and "Master of the House"
The other thing I did over the weekend was watch the 2007 version of A Room with a View and I loved the storyline. Of course I wasn't the most pleased with the ending, though admittingly it could have ended a lot worse.  I have no idea why I had never seen any film version of this classic before, or why I had NO idea what the storyline was before watching it, I guess it just slipped under my radar, but as soon as I have time I plan on reading the book and checking out the other versions that have been made of this film.
The actors Elaine Cassidy and Rafe Spall worked very well together as a couple, and I found myself replaying parts of the film in my mind long after the film was over... a sure sign in my opinion that it was a good film.

Apart from watching musicals and films over the weekend Granite and I got a bit of things on our home "to do list" crossed off, including re-hanging the towel rack, fixing a broken dining room chair, hanging the new icons, and fixing the bookshelf door I accidentally broke a few months ago.  
As you can see the two new icons look good hanging on the icon wall above our altar, but now the icon at the top as Christ as the Tree of Life looks awfully lonely.  I guess that just means that Granite and I should keep our eyes open for a few more icons.

oooh!  And I can't finish this posting without saying how excited I am to be going to see the new Jane Eyre this Wednesday with my friend Vanessa.  Jane Eyre is one of my favorites and I've been looking forward to this new version since I heard it was coming out a few months ago.

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  1. Stephanie,
    You HAVE to see the Merchant Ivory film version of ROOM WITH A VIEW, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Maggie Smith - a-mazing! :)
    Glad you enjoyed Les Mis. Have you seen the PBS special concert, celebrating it's 25 year anniversary? I love the music!!!


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