Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Name

I don't really like the name "things I do and make..." for this blog, but feel like "Sewing by Stephanie" would be too boring as well.  I'll try to go ahead and think of a better name, but if anyone has any ideas (if anyone out there besides me is reading this) then I'd love to hear it.

               After looking at other blogs out there to get inspiration I realized that I don't intend to 
               only talk about the sewing projects I'm working on, but really to talk about the whole 
               process.  And the truth is that the whole process includes the inspiration I find around 
               me, from the books I read to the movies I watch, and from the food I eat to the people I 
               share it with.  So with that in mind I realized that what I would be talking about was 
               really the things I love, and so I came up with the current title, "The Things I Love" to 
               be an accurate title to describe my blog.


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