Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August do. Good Stitches Blocks

August is my first month as a quilter for the Believe circle of do. Good Stitches and I'm excited to get to choose the block.
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When all of the blocks come in I get to quilt it and then send it off to our charity, My Very Own Blanket, based out of Westerville, Ohio.  My Very Own Blanket is "an organization of volunteers dedicated to helping children in foster care feel valued and comforted.  We connect diverse people, community groups, businesses and services as we make and deliver personalized blankets and other personal items to children in foster care."

I'm excited that the quilt we make will go to such a great cause and that a child in the foster care system will benefit from what we will lovingly create.

The block I've chosen for this month is the asterisk block designed by the Selvage Quilter (Karen) at the Selvage Blog.  I've asked the ladies in my circle to be as scrappy or improvisational as they want while making me two 12 1/2 inch squares.  I was inspired by this quilt that was made by the Love circle of do. Good Stitches and thought that it would be fun to make and quilt.  I love the colors the Love circle chose to use but for the Believe circle we're going to use a teal/grey/yellow combination that I came up with instead.

August do. Good Stitches Color Inspiration

I pulled fabric from my shelves and using the original asterisk tutorial as well as this tutorial about how to make the asterisks wider I came up with these:

August do. Good Stitches Asterisk Block

August do. Good Stitches Asterisk Block

The asterisk blocks were so fun to make, I might just need to make something for myself using them.  I love these colors too, so bright and sunny.

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