Thursday, August 16, 2012

Modern Scrappy Bits Swap

In early July I signed up for a fun swap on Flickr: The Modern Scrappy Bits Swap.  It's a simple swap (the best kind), we're swapping a handful of scraps (technically a minimum of a 1/4 yard's worth) and a small handmade item made using scraps.  I got my partner a little over a week ago and today I set to pulling scraps and making her a handmade item.

Scrap Stack
Scraps for Scrappy Bits Swap
My partner wanted either a pin cushion or a small wallet, and having never made a pin cushion I opted to make a pin cushion.  The only specifications I got from my partner was that she likes bright colors with high contrast and that she doesn't like brown.

Scrappy Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion for Scrappy Bits Swap
For the pin cushion I went with a simple design.  Basically this is made by sewing two circles of fabric together, turning right side out, stuffing with polyfil, and sewing shut.  Then I used some embroidery thread to force the pin cushion into it's finished shape.  Easy-peasey.  I hope she likes all the goodies I'll be sending her way.

Scrap Stack + Pin Cushion
Scraps + Pin Cushion for Scrappy Bits Swap


  1. I know I would if I was your lucky partner :) Fantastic pin cushion!! I still have to sew my item for sewcret person - you are so organised!!!

  2. I have to get into this swap, I hope your my partner.. great job


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