Monday, August 27, 2012

Harry Potter Mug Rug Swap

Hi everyone!

I wanted to pop in and tell you all about a mug rug swap by friend Rebeckah is hosting on Flickr: The Harry Potter Muggle Rug Swap.

Harry Potter Mug Rug Swap

I feel like I grew up with Harry Potter.  When I started the books I was the same age as Harry, and for a little bit there they were published once a year, so I was the same age he was when they came out. Because of that I'm sure it's no surprise that I absolutely love Harry Potter.  I watch the movies in marathon format probably at least 4 times a year.  I'm also very excited for this swap.  The theme for round one is going to be either "Fall" or "a Very Potter Christmas", it's not decided yet.

I hope some of you will join in on the fun!

Check out Rebeckah's post about the swap here.

Oh, and I hope everyone loves the graphic for the swap (hint: I made it)!

edit: Lol!  Looking at this post with Google reader I see that the code for the button shows up as just a smaller button.  If you click over and view the post on my blog page then you'll be able to see it as code.  


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